Why is Spring the Best Time to Redo Landscape

February 23, 2018
February 23, 2018 satlandscape

Why is Spring the Best Time to Redo Landscape

Spring has sprung! Or at least it will very soon, which is why you should have started thinking about your lawn and garden months ago. Don’t worry; it’s not too late. Spring is actually the perfect time to redo your landscape design, and there are a few reasons why.

Summer is Short

There can never be enough sunny days. For the ones you do have, you’ll want to enjoy them relaxing in your stunning new backyard, not pulling weeds when it’s 90 degrees out. Set your season off to a good start with a fresh design so you can sit back and put your feet up while taking in the scenery.

Check for Survivors

Winter is brutal and unpredictable. There’s a chance that the garden you’ve come to know and love didn’t pull through the harsh conditions the way you hoped. If there isn’t a speck of green in your flowerbeds, it’s definitely time to redecorate. This time around, pick plants hearty enough to survive the cold so in the future your garden will rise the moment spring arrives.

What Winter Taught You

Use what you learned about your yard during winter to fuel your plan for spring. Did you notice a spot where water wasn’t draining from your yard? Did your favorite garden decoration become an unwelcome interference to your snowball fight? Did your lack of evergreen trees leave your house exposed to the whole neighborhood? Now you know to address these concerns in your new design. A landscape should be planned for all seasons.

Supply & Demand

Summer is the busiest time for landscaping companies. Get your project started earlier in the spring to be first in line for all the newest design ideas. Plus, since you planned ahead, your yard takes priority and will be finished sooner than the neighbor who waited until June. Getting started earlier is also a good idea if your new project involves any large builds.

Slow Introductions

Plants love mild temperatures and must be slowly acclimatized to the blazing sun and humid air of summer. Planting your garden early allows your plants to root to your soil and be well adjusted by the time you are turning the A/C on inside. If you do plant when it’s hot, you’ll need to give some extra attention and lots of regular watering.

Little Changes = Big Difference

Even if you aren’t planning an entire landscape makeover, a spring cleanup is imperative to keep your yard green all summer long. Garden beds will need tending, edging, weeding, and mulching. Dead branches or plants will need to be cut away. Gutters should be cleaned and any leaves hiding under the melted snow should be raked away to give your grass room to breathe and soak up the sun. This can be a lot of work, but a landscape company can help with this too.

There has never been a better time to redo your landscape than right now. Spring brings the perfect conditions for planting, now let us bring the perfect landscape to go with it. Call our design team and schedule an appointment today to get started!