Unique Landscapes to Suit Any Home Style

March 19, 2019
March 19, 2019 satlandscape

Unique Landscapes to Suit Any Home Style

A country house with a beautiful backyard behind the house, landscape design

Your home is your sanctuary. From Craftsman to Victorian to Colonial and beyond, every home has a unique style and feel. If you want to try something new to set your house apart, consider these unique landscaping options sure to complement any home style.


Water Features

Many people focus on the plants when it comes to landscaping, but an added water feature can create a whole new atmosphere for your yard or garden. Ponds and fountains are popular options and come in a variety of options to suit any architectural style. For a truly special design, forget the greenery entirely. Create an oasis with a waterfall leading to a series of cascading pools spanning the entire backyard. Or impress the neighbors and add a pleasant sound and sight to the front of your property with a large fountain. The possibilities are endless.


Exotic Plants

When it comes to plant choices, it’s important first to choose ones that are adaptable to your particular climate. But that doesn’t mean they have to be native to your area. Exotic plants from matching climates across the globe can make a big impact on your garden. Try a Canna Tropicanna for a bold punch of color. Or opt for winter-hardy bamboo or banana trees. All of these will grow in the Columbus, Ohio climate.


Hedge Maze

While this may seem like a feature reserved for elaborate castle gardens or sprawling acreages, a scaled-down version could be just what your home needs. Create a pathway or maze in the backyard leading to a secret sitting area. Use hedges and trees in the front to create privacy. You can even sculpt them into interesting shapes to match your tastes, the seasons, or your home style.


Sculpture Garden

Speaking of sculpting things, why not add a few sculptures to your garden? Beautiful art can make a major impact. Modern and contemporary houses are the perfect backdrop for abstract and unique pieces. Traditional homes can opt for subtler statues and designs. Try small statues flanking the walkway or front door. Or sprinkle art throughout a sprawling garden for an eye-catching surprise for visitors.


Hanging Garden

Who says plants have to be on the ground? Not us! A hanging garden is the perfect unique feature to add to any style home. Use trellises and archways along with climbing plants like bougainvillea or wisteria to make a fairy tale entryway. Plant climbing ivy to cover one side of the house for a natural look. Hang baskets from pergolas and gazebos in the backyard. A hanging garden suits any style home.


Field of Flowers

Forget the lush green lawn and opt for a landscape filled with nothing but flowers. Extend flowerbeds to cover large areas and pack those flowerbeds with plants. Flowers, ferns, shrubs, and trees of every sort can be planted to match any home style. Whole-yard gardens create a landscape that changes with the seasons, matching your home to any occasion.


Whether you live in a ranch home, bungalow, modern, or Mediterranean home, there are plenty of options to create a unique landscape to suit any architectural style. Call SAT Landscape to create your home plan today!