Striking Plants for Winter Color

January 11, 2019
January 11, 2019 satlandscape

Striking Plants for Winter Color


You might have guessed from the name, but this are you tired of a grey winter landscape? Do you want to wow your neighbors with the color sprouting from your winter garden? There are a lot of options for adding striking color to a stark winter yard. Try a variety of these winter and spring-flowering plants:

Japanese Quince

These delicate red flowers can make a major impact in your garden this winter. Japanese Quince is a deciduous, thorny shrub that blooms in winter and early spring.


Mix color and texture when you plant heather this winter. Perfect for pots and window boxes, flowers bloom in brilliant pinks, whites, and purples.


You can’t go wrong choosing from the multitude of colors of winter-flowering pansies. Fill flower beds with blankets of color or plant in window boxes for a glimpse of color from indoor.

Christmas Rose

Blooming in midwinter, these flowers offer white, dark red, and even green petals. Search for Hellebores Orientalis as they are the most robust in colder climates.


Make a large and sunny impact when you plant Mahonia in your garden. These evergreen shrubs, also known as barberry, are topped by cones of yellow flowers.


These delicate white flowers have been gracing winter gardens for centuries. Often the first flower to bloom in the new year, they grow well even under shrubs and trees.

Winter Jasmine

Create waterfalls of yellow flowers when you plant winter jasmine over your trellis, gate, archway, or portico. Called Yingchun, “the flower that welcomes spring,” the blossoms open right after winter ends.


If you want to have the first daffodils in your neighborhood, choose the Narcissus ‘Rijnveld’s Early Sensation’ variety. This award-winning flower blooms best in January. Follow it with a second blooming of ‘February Gold’ bulbs.


by flower pushes through the ground and snow to grace your garden with color. White centers radiate into blue, purple, and pink petal tips.

English Primrose

Good things come to those who wait… for their English primroses, that is. Solid or multi-colored, these spring and summer flowering plants provide a blast of color to your yard.

Holly Bushes

A symbol of winter and Christmas, the holly plant is a species of flowering evergreen that can hedge your garden in bright green and red. They flower all winter and grow best in temperate zones.

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