Preparing Your Lawn for Fall

September 16, 2019
September 16, 2019 satlandscape

Preparing Your Lawn for Fall

The smell of pumpkin spice is in the air and it’s time to start thinking about prepping your lawn for fall. Proper lawn and garden care and maintenance is critical in the cooler months to ensure your grass and plants survive the coming winter. Use our handy tips to prep your yard for fall.


Rake Your Leaves

Don’t leave those leaves in your yard all fall. While some people believe leaves insulate your yard from snow during winter, this simply isn’t true. Leaves smother your lawn and block it from getting the essential water, nutrients, and sunlight it needs to stay healthy. Wet leaves can mildew or grow mold and become unhealthy to pets and kids. Rake and dispose of your leaves properly. 


Keep Cutting the Grass

Don’t think you can start putting away the mower just because the kids are in school again. Grass will continue to grow and need care until at least the first frost. For early fall, continue cutting to a height of 2 ½ to 3 inches. For the last few cuttings of the season, drop the blade to its lowest setting. Generally, the grass root depth is proportional to the grass height. Cut too short and you risk smaller roots that won’t withstand winter. Leave grass too long and it can mat and turn brown. 


Watch Your Watering

Grass still needs proper care and feeding into the wintertime. This fall, be sure to watch how much water your lawn is getting. On average, you want it to get an inch of water each week. Watch the weather and supplement only as needed. Mid-October is a good time to start thinking of winterizing your irrigation lines and other water features.



Along with watering, you need to feed your lawn enough nutrients to get it through a harsh winter. This includes fertilizing. The best time to start is in late fall when grass blades grow slowly but roots remain active and hungry. Feeding roots now will ensure they are healthy come springtime. 


Consider Aerating

Aerating your lawn has many benefits but only needs to be done every few years. If it’s past due to aerate your lawn, consider doing so this fall. Core aerators punch holes in your lawn to allow moisture, sun, and nutrients to reach the deeper soil. If you aerate, do so before fertilizing.


Seed Bare Spots

If your lawn has bare spots, now is the time to fill them in. Lay a quick-growing seed to get bald patches filled in. A full yard will resist weeds and look better after winter. Fall is the perfect time to seed because the days aren’t too hot, the nights are cool, there is plenty of moisture, and you’re already taking other steps to improve your lawn’s health. After you get bare or sparse areas filled in, be careful with your holiday decorating so you don’t undo your hard work by creating new bare spots.


Tidy Up

There’s still plenty of time left this fall to enjoy your grill, firepit, or garden, but eventually it will be time to start putting items away. Store lawn care and gardening equipment in its proper place. Put away patio cushions and umbrellas. Don’t forget to tidy up your flowerbeds of any weeds and debris. 


Whether you’re a homeowner or need commercial landscaping, if this list is intimidating to you, then call the experts at SAT Landscape. We can help beautify your fall landscape, winterize your garden, and take care of all your general landscape maintenance. Don’t neglect your lawn and garden this fall. Don’t hesitate to call SAT Landscape!