Keep Your Lawn Beautiful This Winter

December 18, 2019
December 18, 2019 satlandscape

Keep Your Lawn Beautiful This Winter

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this couldn’t be truer—especially when it comes to your yard! Keeping your lawn healthy through the harsh Ohio winters can be a challenge. A great way to set yourself up for success is to hire a landscape company to perform winterizing maintenance on your yard and garden. But there are still steps you can take yourself to ensure your yard stays beautiful throughout the winter months.


Mark Your Driveway

When the snow piles up, it can be difficult to see the edges of your driveway and you may roll off the pavement and onto your grass. This isn’t good for it, even with a layer of snow on top. Before you start flattening your yard—or worse, tearing it up after you get stuck in the snow/mud mix—head to the store and get some colorful marking flags. Stick these along the edge of the drive to keep you off your lawn.


Protect Plants

Ideally, you’ve prepped your gardens by pulling up weeds and annual plants, cutting down perennials to the stem, and wrapping your trees and shrubs to protect them from frost. If you haven’t yet, there’s still time to get this done but act fast. The seasonal changes in Central Ohio mean only the hardiest plants will survive unless you take care of them. Consult with a landscaper as to what your lawn and garden need to keep them looking good over the winter and ready for spring.


Add Something Special

You may have done all the prep and maintenance necessary to keep your lawn clean and tidy this winter in Ohio, but that doesn’t mean your lawn is beautiful. Take it up a notch when you add something special to your winter yard. Consider hanging colorful orbs from your front tree, wrapping the bushes in holiday lights, or find some flowering winter plants to flank your doorway. You could also consider adding soothing wind chimes or a bird feeder to attract the winter wildlife. There are plenty of special things to make your lawn beautiful this winter.


Whether you’re a snowbird who heads to warmer climates in the winter or a snow-lover who rejoices at the first signs of cold, if you have a lawn, you want to keep it tidy and beautiful through the Ohio winter. Call SAT Landscape today for help getting your lawn where it needs to be so you can rest easy with a continually beautiful lawn come spring.