How to Enhance Your Landscaping In the Fall

September 26, 2018
September 26, 2018 satlandscape

How to Enhance Your Landscaping In the Fall

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It’s fall and for many people, this means ignoring their landscaping until spring comes around again. But there are plenty of things you can do to your landscaping in fall to enhance both aesthetics and functionality.


Fall leaves are a majestic sight to behold…while they’re on the trees. Fallen leaves only become a nuisance to rake and bag. But this is a necessary step to fall lawn care that shouldn’t be skipped. Leaves left on the lawn over winter will rot, killing your lawn and inviting pests. Rake your leaves weekly to keep your yard beautiful and functional throughout the fall season.


Your grass will continue to grow in the fall, meaning you need to keep that mower running a little longer. Never mow before raking leaves as they could be hiding sticks, rocks, or toys that could damage the mower or cause you injury.

Trim & Prep

Don’t let plants grow unchecked during the fall. Trim back shrubs, pull out weeds, and prepare flower beds for the winter. Now is also the time to plant spring bulbs. While this may not add color or excitement to your landscape, it will add a sense of order and tidiness that will benefit you come spring.

Potted Plants

A great way to enhance your fall landscape when your flowerbeds are dormant is to add potted plants and window boxes to your home. Mums are a popular fall flower that comes in every color imaginable. Opt for hardier varieties that can withstand an unexpected frost or two.

Holiday & Seasonal Décor

Don’t stop with just the regular fall landscaping. Take things up a notch with seasonal and holiday decorations. For October, try pumpkins, hay bales, and scary decorations. For November, add gourds, Indian corn, and cornucopias. Even a new doormat can add to the cheerfulness of the season.

Fire Pit

As the temperatures cool down, you may find yourself spending less and less time outdoors enjoying your yard. Add a decorative fire pit to your patio or yard and surround with hay bales or lawn chairs. Not only does it add function for those cool Ohio nights, but it also creates a beautiful featured gathering space in your backyard.


Just as the cold may be keeping you from enjoying your landscaping in the fall, so too might the lack of sunlight. With the sun setting sooner, a great way to enhance your fall landscape is to add outdoor lighting. Outdoor wiring differs significantly from indoor, so call a professional for design and installation of any permanent lighting features. You can also use hanging lights, lanterns, and even holiday lights to add brightness to your fall landscape.


Fall is the time to score great deals on outdoor furniture and accessories. Take advantage of the season and invest in new patio furniture. Add a fun element to your yard by opting for a porch swing. Or brighten your landscape with a flashy new pattern for your cushions.

There are hundreds of things you can do to enhance your landscaping in the fall. From lights to holiday decorations to a fresh mow, take care of your yard this fall to ensure a full season of fun and enjoyment.