How to decorate your landscape for Halloween (without ruining your yard)

October 16, 2018
October 16, 2018 satlandscape

How to decorate your landscape for Halloween (without ruining your yard)

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How to decorate your landscape for Halloween (Without ruining your yard)

Halloween is the official start of the holiday decorating season and with so many great options, it’s difficult to decide what to decorate with. Should you just put out some pumpkins? Throw up a few giant inflatables? Go all out and make an entire haunted graveyard? Whatever your plans are, it’s a good idea to think about how your holiday decorating might affect your landscaping. Luckily, there are plenty of easy ways to decorate for Halloween without impacting your lawn and garden.


Lights can be bright and cheery, or they can be creepy and haunted. Hang string lights in purple and orange to create a Halloween ambiance. Specialty lights, like giant spider webs, are available commercially as well. Use up-lighting on the exterior of your home to project silhouettes of creepy monsters and ghosts. Not only does hanging lights keep decorations out of your yard but also, as you take them down, you can come right along behind and hang your December holiday lights.

Natural Black Accents

Black is the primary color of Halloween and is featured in everything from costume makeup to holiday treats to decorations. Add some natural black accents to your exterior decorating with naturally black plants. Black pansies, petunias, roses, and mondo grass are all good choices for hanging baskets, flower beds, and planters.


If you’re trying to decorate without disturbing your yard, then using your walkway instead is a great idea. Not only does it keep decorations off the grass, but it can also help guide trick-or-treaters to your door, so kids aren’t trampling across your lawn. Light the way with carved pumpkins or cut-out paper sacks filled with battery-operated candles.

Lawn Ornaments

If you want to put decorations up in the yard, make sure they don’t stay in one place too long. Large inflatables, though filled with air, are heavy and will smother grass from sun and rain. Eventually, these will leave brown spots underneath. The same goes for straw bales, fake graves, or anything else that stays put too long. Either wait until closer to Halloween to put up decorations or move them around occasionally to avoid lawn damage.


If you have trees in your yard, then you have the perfect place to decorate. Hanging ghostly shapes from the branches or wrapping the tree in fake cobwebs can make for a fun decoration that doesn’t even touch your grass. Avoid using paper products that can deteriorate and litter your yard if it rains or they are blown off.

Flower Beds

Right now, your flower beds are probably dormant. Instead of poking holes in your yard to put up a scary scarecrow, stake down into your mulch and dirt instead. If you’ve planted bulbs for spring, this may not be the idea for you, but it’s still a good spot to place objects on the ground where they won’t smother and cause brown spots in your grass.


Just like your walkway, there is plenty of space on your porch or in your driveway to set up decorations. Add bales of hay or straw to create a seating area for parents out trick-or-treating with their kids on Halloween night. Set up a haunted graveyard that must be navigated to reach the candy at the front door. Whatever you decide to decorate with, it will be well away from damaging your lawn.

Halloween is a great time of year that just screams “decorate!” But if you want to protect your lawn and garden this season, be smart with your holiday embellishments. Use your home, porch, driveway, flower beds, and trees as alternatives to your lawn.