Why You Should Hire A Professional Landscaper

May 4, 2018
May 4, 2018 satlandscape

Why You Should Hire A Professional Landscaper


Gardening is one of America’s favorite past times, but even if you rival the green thumb of mother nature herself, there are a lot of advantages to hiring a professional landscaper for a big change. Perhaps you just moved into a new house and want to make the yard a reflection of your style or maybe you are ready for a revamp of the current layout. There are a lot of reasons to hire a professional landscaper for these projects.


Think of a landscaper as an exterior designer. Their creativity and knowledge will show you possibilities beyond your DIY aspirations and result in a space the whole family can enjoy. Landscapers also work with contractors and builders to coordinate lawn and garden design with exterior home changes, remodels, and additions.


No matter how you might want to redo your yard, a site inspection is key. A professional landscaper will evaluate the soils, drainage, existing tree placement, and other any special needs to ensure that your carefully placed bed of flowers won’t flood during the first rainstorm. Proper placement of yard features can increase efficiency and sustainability.

Local Knowledge

Your local landscaper knows exactly what works in your area. From which plants thrive in your zone to when to plant them to how to take care of them, a professional landscaper knows how to custom mold your garden to fit the local conditions.


If you’re doing anything more than weeding and planting, there’s a chance you will need a permit for your work. A professional landscaper can help you draw up and submit plans to the city or your homeowner’s association. You don’t want your DIY yard makeover to be halted by a lack of permission or a fine.


There’s a lot to do when you take on a landscaping project. A pro will know what to do first, second, third… all the way up to the last detail. This ensures an efficient process that gets done faster with no chance that previous work will have to be redone due to poor planning.


There are a lot of things that can affect the budget for your landscaping project. A professional landscaper will keep you on track by planning within your budget. Their experience with common landscaping pitfalls and issues will help you avoid wasted time and money down the road.


Remodeling your yard could necessitate some heavy machinery. Change often requires removing trees or bushes, pulling up walkways and decks, or taking down garden walls and other existing features. A professional landscaper not only has the right tools for these jobs, but they also have the expertise to complete the job right.


Lighting is a vital aspect of any landscape design, but it could mean some additional wiring. Even those with some DIY electrical experience will want to call in the professionals since outdoor wiring needs to resist the elements and stay safe from rodents and pests. A landscaper will bring your ideas to life with the proper lighting.


Pools, spas, ponds, and fountains will require extra planning, excavating, and materials to be properly installed. A professional landscaper will know how to deal with these additional considerations and make sure your water feature is a main focus of your yard, not the main pain. Landscapers are also great for helping with irrigation and watering systems to help conserve water and make lawn care a breeze.


Tasks tend to go faster when you are confident in the skill you are performing. Professional landscapers save you the time and hassle of doing the job yourself in the only spare time you have between work, family, and friends. Their knowledge and experience will get you to your ideal yard faster than you can imagine.

While there are many reasons to hire a professional, only you can decide what your yard really needs. Think of what your outdoor oasis would look like if you had unlimited time, money, and skill then call your local landscapers to help bring your dream to reality!