March 27, 2018
March 27, 2018 satlandscape

The great outdoors doesn’t stop being great the moment the sun goes down, but if your landscape is lacking in lighting, you could be forced inside as night falls. Make your yard a 24-hour hotspot with the right mixture of functional and decorative lights.


One of the most popular options for brightening an outdoor space is hanging lights. Strings of vintage bulbs featuring artistic bare filaments give a feeling of nostalgia for the good old days. Paper lanterns offer a more subdued brightness and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors to match your backyard theme. For lots of illumination, try rope lights. They come in rolls 100+ feet long so you can line the roof of your pergola or gazebo or gracefully drape them across open spaces. Yes, Christmas lights are included in this category, and it’s totally fine to leave them up all year long, but don’t be surprised if you get a couple of weird looks from your neighbors.


When it comes to functional lighting, it’s imperative that pathways, steps, and other hazards are well marked. Small solar powered lights take almost no installation and can be used to line front or back walkways. Many of these options aren’t bright enough to stand on their own, so use these in conjunction with brighter illumination such as front door sconces. Rope lights are another great option here too! They provide a continuous line of light for the full length of the pathway, the edges of your deck, and any steps or tripping hazards. Wrap them around patio railings to outline your party space and try them in different colors to set the mood.


While candles and oil lamps are inefficient as primary light sources, they can add much-needed character and ambiance to your space. Place them on tables or in decorative hanging lanterns. Taller torches are perfect for further out in the yard, just be sure to keep any open flames away from plants, cushions, or anything else flammable. To eliminate this hazard, opt for battery powered candles.


You work hard to make sure your yard is the best on the block, maybe even the best in the world! So if there’s something that makes your landscape unique, draw focus to it with special accent lights. Bring attention to your pool with colored LED floating spheres. They even make moving light shows to project on the bottom of your pool. Hang softly glowing orbs from your favorite tree or pick some uplighting for your garden fountain. Whatever your favorite part of your yard is, be sure to highlight it.

Every landscape is different and choosing a lighting design that works for a particular homeowner means looking at all different aspects—from mood to brightness to access for electrical outlets. Call us today to help create a design that will make your backyard a nighttime paradise.